The Everyday Life of Ben, Brooke, Macy, Ava, and Aubrey Wyatt

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Happenings

The Razorbacks got their own post but here are some other things that we have been up to this fall:

Fancy Shmancy Wedding:  Ben and I went to a fancy pants, black tie wedding at the end of the summer. It was for one of his coworkers. We only knew a few people there but it was super fun getting all dressed up. It was the weekend before my birthday (35!!!) so we made a whole night of it and stayed in Fort Worth for the night after the wedding.

Toronto: Ben had to go to Toronto for work. It happened to be during the Toronto Film Festival so one of his coworker's wives and I met them up there for the weekend. The weather was kind of yucky (rainy and cold) but we ate delicious food, saw some good movies, and had a few celebrity sightings (the best part!) 

Rosie Perez

David ???? He was in Selma.

Drew Barrymore

??? I can't remember her name. English actress from Harry Potter movies

Kristen Stewart

Ethan Hawke. He sat two rows in front of us on our plane back to Dallas. He was in first class. We were not. This is on the tram after we got off the plane. 

Ben also saw George Clooney and he thinks possibly Matt Damon before I got there but doesn't have the pictures to prove it! UGH!

Team Cousins: Jon, Emily, Presley and Landon came to visit us in October. We had a weekend full of soccer, pumpkin patch, Hula Hut, Smores, and cousin time. 

Grammy and Pawpaw brought goodies back from Hawaii.

Decorating pumpkins

Oliver had a birthday. He is now 1. Or 7 in dog years. The girls thought this was HUGE. Here he is with his new toy and birthday treats. 

Fun Run at School: 

The day Aubrey wore a ballet costume to go pick the girls up from school:

Macy got a Solid Gold Award from her PE coach:

Halloween: This year we had a mermaid, a pink ninja, and Sofia the First. They had a blast trick or treating with neighbors, dressing up, and eating tons of candy. I am not usually a huge fan of Halloween but this year was pretty great. Aubrey LOVED trick or treating. She is pretty shy usually, but she was not afraid to walk right up and say, "Trick or Treat" or sometimes she would say, "Happy Halloween!" It was pretty cute and fun to watch. Please disregard all of the red, white, and blue in the pumpkin carving pictures. It is actually October in these pictures and not the 4th of July. 

Brown Belt: Macy got her brown belt in Tae Kwondo. She is in the advanced class now with black belts! So proud of her!

I think that pretty much sums up September and October. Now on to the busiest time of year! 


I can't think of a more appropriate time to post about the Razorbacks than after the epic Ole Miss game last night! What a game!

We always go to the first Razorback game of the season. The girls LOVE the games. They love the cheerleaders and the music and the crowd, but Ava and Macy also actually love the game! It's really fun to watch them get so into it. They watch the game and ask questions about what is happening. The first game was miserably hot but they wanted to stay the whole game. Ben and I were ready to go after half time but they insisted on staying!

Aubrey and I found this fan to cool us off. 

Since the game was Labor Day weekend we were able to stay an extra day and see some of my college friends and their kiddos. We also got to hang out with Uncle Craig and Aunt Jax. They took us to the Amazeum which was awesome!

Ben and I at the A&M game here in Dallas. No kids for this one!

We also went up for the Auburn game (the one with 4 overtimes!). It was such a fun game! 

Somebody didn't make it through all 4 overtimes. 

Love Fayetteville in the fall!

Ava drew this on the way home. They are hooked. Fans for life!